20 Lessons 20 years

11/21/99- Twenty years later...

Twenty years on this earth, in this body, twenty years known as Amber. On my 20th birthday I deeply connected to myself. Somehow twenty had felt so much older than nineteen, as I reminisced on past memories I couldn't help to smile, to cry, to be proud of all that was, be grateful for all that is, and be open for all that will be

20 Lessons I've learned throughout these twenty years;

  1. There will never be a right time, the time in now, dive in to the unknown. Waiting for the right time is like waiting for waves to stop in the ocean.

  2. I have created all that surround me, every decision I have made has let me to this moment

  3. Accept the way others show their love-for we are only able to love at the level of consciousness we are at

  4. Holding in whats on my mind and having self doubt is toxicity to my mind

  5. The ones you chose to love and surround yourself with says a lot about how you value yourself

  6. I deserve the best and anything less is an act of self hatred

  7. Breathe. Don't forget to breath. Check in with myself

  8. Being grateful for all the really low and hard times for I came out with strength and knowledge

  9. Give thanks to all the people in your life, instead of thinking about the people who aren't

  10. being able to recognize once a lesson was shown to be with out making the same decisions to get me through to learn the lesson all over again

  11. I am important. I have impacted and affected many lives of others

  12. With just one conscious thought I can change the present

  13. Observe do not absorb

  14. We are not be bound to anything- do to connivance, and familiarity; for that isn't always the healthy choice- don't settle

  15. Nothing will give you the release you are looking for other than accepting and fully loving yourself

  16. Being yourself is more exhilarating than any drug

  17. I don't have to be around people to feel validated, loved or celebrated- respecting my worth and protecting my energy

  18. Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had

  19. Live gentle, act from compassion, breathe with ease

  20. Everything is working out as it his supposed to- their is a divine plan working for me and all is happening for me not to me

What a beautiful journey its been. With many lessons, and more to come, I await for the challenges that make me grow in ways I do not know now. I call in my guides to strength and wisdom.

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