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What is amazing about aphrodisiacs?

Well... Aphrodiacs arent only just to increase ones sex life..

Let's redefine what we know about aphrodisiacs, start to think about aphrodisiacs in the way of; increasing one's presence, encouraging pleasure, enjoyment and connecting to one's sexuality.

We can also look at an aphrodisiac in terms of awakening one's sexual or vital life force energy. When this energy is awakened and unblocked one can notice the openness to connection, embodiment, creativity and the pleasures of all life.

An aphrodisiac increases the desire for pleasure, love and connection. What is so amazing is that we all have different definitions of what pleasure and connection looks like, an aphrodisiac helps one drop into their body and out of their mind.

This can be a great way to heal your own loving connection with the self and throughout the sexual organs, as well as a great tool to sit and connect deeply.

What is an herbal aphrodisiac?

An herbal aphrodisiac is very powerful in the sense that it also nourishes the body including our adrenal glands, increases longevity, and is uplifting to our mood. For an herb to be considered an aphrodisiac it has to...

- Well nourish the body, this would include herbs that are high in essential vitamins minerals & nutrients that build, tone, and strengthen the body

- Relax and balance the nervous system, helping deal with stress, exhaustion, tension, overstimulation and improves overall mood and outlook

- Bring circulation into the body through stimulating and improving blood flow to organs and moving any stagnation or congestion

An herbal aphrodisiac is a catalyst whereas they are very supportive to the body but it is not a wonder pill.. you have to take into consideration lifestyle, the goal, the relationship and the overall environment. Once the body is familiar with the herbs, and taken regularly this is when long term effects are noticed. Through correcting nutritional deficiencies, being relaxed and in a feel good state with strong circulation this is when pleasure and love enters life.

Incorporate aphrodisiacs with

- Tea Blends

- Pleasurable Elixirs

- Herbal Smoke Blends

- Herbal Infused Oils

How do I hope for others to use herbal aphrodisiac-

An aphrodisiac can be a great herbal tool to connect with one's owns inner love source, identity with boundaries, sexuality and discover what they consider as a healthy relationship

I truly believe incorporating aphrodisiacs into our everyday lives, and self care routine can be a transformative practice. When working with and taking aphrodisiacs this can be so empowering. With everything that we do when the intention is right we truly create something beautiful. When one is ready to inquire about herbal aphrodisiacs a conscious step is made… a relationship with one's own self begins. Under the right mindset one can connect to their body, feel confident, understand what receiving and giving love feels like, be open to the universe all its pleasures and beauty.

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