Healing Through Cacao

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Over the last few months I've fully emerged myself into building a relationship with Cacao. I have much appreciation and gratitude for this plant medicine that holds such transformative healing properties that work spiritually as well as physically. Through ceremonial Cacao I've been able to ground and center myself while being able to act from the purest intentions of love.

Cacao translates to "Food Of The Gods" and was traditionally used in ceremonies, during Olmeca and Mayan civilization. There are two aspects that come into play with ceremonial Cacao, one is where it is sourced. Ceremonial grade Cacao is ethically sourced and 100% pure. The Cacao is harvested and made into a paste with love and intention and done with reverence of this plant. Secondly is how we go about drinking and preparing Cacao. In a ceremony we must create a sacred setting, honoring and calling in the spirit of the Cacao, setting our intentions and mindfully drinking to become open to the magical healing properties of this plant.


Before any cup of Cacao I like to honor, and set my intention allowing myself to connect with the plant medicine. This creates a memorable and magical experience.. I have found to have better effects from the Cacao when creating a experience as so.

I would like to offer how I give thanks and honor the medicine- whether this be a guide or serves as inspiration.. enjoy!

I invite you all to bring your cup to your heart 

Repeat "I am safe, I am connected and my heart is open"

Bowing our heads down in reverence, showing gratitude and giving thanks to the loving plant medicine that has before us

It is a blessing to be experiencing and working with Cacao, giving thanks for how the universe has presented my interest in Cacao

With a deep inhale find the unity within ourselves

Exhale to deepen our connection and root us into the earth & our selves

Start by opening up your senses to Cacao,

Feel the warmth of the cup 

Give a deep inhale through the nose to smell the Cacao 

We welcome the Cacao spirits into our body and our hearts 

As we take a sip  

Energetically say yes! 

We are here to receive the ever-presentness of connection, love, & knowledge. Through this medicine we allow the opening of our minds & hearts to channel, obtain great energy, to cultivate creativity, and find love with ourselves.

We are so grateful- we give appreciation to all that has gone into the Cacao that is before us

Thank you 

And in gratitude we drink


Spiritually -

Cacao offers incredible spiritual responses within the divine in each;

  • Buds open the heart like a flower ready to bloom and shine out its light and love

  • Deepens our connection with self, intuition, spirit, and guides

  • Provides creativity, and ideas

  • Lifts our spirits and mood

  • Connects to our dream world

  • Acts as an aphrodisiac

Cacao is a very intuitive spirit that opens up to the ones willing and allowing to fully embody and experience to receive the message. Emotional response of any kind is different for everyone.

Physical healing properties-

  • Theobromine is an active constituent in cacao that energizes with a gentle effect on the nervous system, boosts mood, and protects the heart

  • Anandamide which enhances our pleasure and bliss response, controls fluidity in movement

  • Serotonin balances and improves mood

  • Dopamine triggers feel good reward response, increases motivational salience,

  • Iron increases oxygen to the brain

  • Antioxidant, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium rich

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