Ingredients- Grain Alcohol, Vegtable Glycerite, Ashwagndha, Holy Basil Schisandra 


This tincture may be used in moments where stress has presented itself or used daily to strengthen, and nourish the adrenal glands to rebuild and restore.


Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Schisandra Berries heal our mind, body and spirit to create an extra layer of awareness. This extra layer provides relief to thyself and to what is causing the stress- adaptogens work in amazing ways, the herbs in this blend work to modulate an individual's body's response to stress by increasing or decreasing the function of any particular system in the body.. such as hormonal, or energy levels. Adaptogenic herbs are used to achieve balance in the body's mental and physical stress response. This is through the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Pathway, which is our hormonal pathway which communicates to our body we are under stress (also known as our fight or flight response) and our Sympathetic Adrenal System which is the Nervous Systems Neuroendocrine stress response system (known as our rest and digestion response.)


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ASHWAGANDHA- Rebuilds and restores the body from harmful effects of stress over a long time, by preventing white blood cell depletion. Ashwagandha is said to give vitality and energy to a horse. As a relaxing nervine Ashwagandga soothes frayed nerves, promotes calming, relaxing energy in the body decreases stress, anxiety, depression, overall Ashwagandha is a balancing adaptogen


HOLY BASIL- Is a sacred plant in India, Holy Basil treats our body and mind beautifully, rejuvenating, energizing and strengthening with energetic effects to uplift one's spirits and help tune into the world around us. Holy Basil clears lethargy and congestion in the mind, aiding to calm the relief of anxiety, stress, mild depression, and grief. Holy Basil works to balance cortisol, lower blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and have immune enhancing properties to protect the body's cells from toxicity. 


SCHISANDRA- Tasty berries that contain all five flavors.. sweet, salty, pungent, sour and bitter which in Ancient Medicine systems flavors are indicated to work on certain body centers, Schisandra berries have a beneficial effect on all body's organs and our energy centers. As an adaptogen Schisandra Berries moderate stress levels throughout the body increasing energy, endurance, resilience and dopamine simulating the central nervous system. Schisandra Berries also contain nervine properties that relax the mind, and reduce nervous palpitations, this helps improve blood flow through the coronary arteries, to protect the heart. Schisandra berries are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that replenishes the body, a natural protector against free radicals and aids in focus, and coordination. 


Adaptive- Adaptogen Stress Relief

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  • "Adaptive" is a blend of three adaptogens, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Schisandra Berries. This is a calming, nourishing and grounding blend that creates the space to adapt and settle rather than reacting and bringing the body into chaos. 


    Shelf life- 2-4 years 

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