Made with- Coconut Candle Wax, White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense


Smudging has been a tool used for thousands of years. Used in ritual or in peoples' daily spiritual practices cleansing allows for us to break the energy and bring in new. This transformational practice can allow us to clear blockages, remove stress, tension and energetic confusion. Intentional use this Cleansing candle to not only cleanse your space but to call in the new.. call in abundance, prosperity, peace, love and healing energy. Create a sacred space.  

Always remember to direct any negative energy back into the earth, sun or the moon. 


Cleansing Intentional Candle

  • Cleansing Candle Mantra

    - I cleanse myself and my surroundings, my actions represent pure intentions with the benefit of the highest good of all- 

    - Within this cleansed space, I allow abundance, prosperity, and the divine to emanate my being -