Activate your dream realm through "Dreamers Trance " tincture.  Sleep soundly dream wildly-


Ingredients- Grain Alcohol, Vegtable Glycerite, Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Lavender, Kava Kava, Passion Flower 

Learn More About The Herbs-

MUGWORT- Mugwort is a classic herb used before bedtime to expand our dream consciousness, as you fall asleep your intuition will awaken. Mugwort creates vivid, and prophetic dreams, known to intensify the nature of your dreams. Mugwort can also be burned as a smudge to clear the air, for meditative states, and promote a lucid protected auroma in the room. 


BLUE LOTUS- Blue lotus has been used since Ancient Egypt, Blue Lotus is a mystical flower that motivates heighted states of awareness, feelings of euphoria, and relaxation, with sedating mildly sedating qualities Blue Lotus allows the body and mind space to settle in lucid dream states, while releasing mild psychoactive effects 


LAVENDER- Lavender is soothing and calming energetically, at times we do not dream because the mind is racing with thoughts and can’t fall into the precious dream states, or the mind is too stressed to remember. Lavender acts to calm the body and mind while acting as pleasure medicine with its sweet smell


KAVA KAVA- Kava Kava works at calming the body, soothing for anxiety, aids sleep for anyone struggling with insomnia, while this herb works deeply to relax Kava Kava also awakens the mind to increase mild psychotropic qualities, trance like states, and vivid dream states. Kava Kava is used to make connection with spirits and gods this is a great herb to use to expand consciousness and bridge the demensions


PASSION FLOWER-  Passion Flower is the herb to clear the head and unwind, Passion Flower has hypnotic effects after taking, and allows for interaction and to recall our dreams.

The color a plant is can be a powerful tool to activate our chakras energy centers, Passion Flower is a beautiful deep purple that has shades of violet on the outer which allows open access to our third eye chakra. Blue Lotus and Lavender are also both rich purple colors.


Dreamers Trance- Dream Enhancer

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    This tincture enhances dream states and allows for interactive access through dream portals. Dreamers Trance  may be taken at any time of the day to seek trance-like states, this tincture works great for meditation and spiritual practices. 


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    Dosage- 4 mL 

    (The dosage is a recommended amount- feel free to use more or less

    1 Fluid Ounce 

    Contains Alcohol 

    Shelf life- 2-4 years