Ingredients: Damiana, Blue Lotus, Rose, Mullein, Pink Lotus

Euphoria smoking blend attracts a light energy though uplifting, heart and mind expanding herbs. Euphoria invokes states of love, connection, and happiness. Allow euphoria to become one with you, feel embodied and confident. 


Damiana is a mood boosting herb known to increase feelings of well being and comfort. As an aphrodisiac Damiana increases a loving connection within one's own self or between partners. 

Damiana eases the nervous system by calming anxiety and nourishes the body with feelings of deep peace.


Blue Lotus & Pink Lotus produce mild psychoactive effects that bring on a subtle feeling of euphoria and relaxation. For many people Blue and Pink Lotus create a calming euphoric feeling. And have been traditionally used to reach higher levels of consciousness and increase a sense of eternal life. Blue and Pink Lotus are also known for aphrodisiac qualities, increasing connection, and a desire for pleasure  


Rose represents eternal love, sensuality, and connection. Rose has a beautiful aroma that when added to any blend can invoke pleasure and enjoyment. 





  • Herbal smoking blends can be smoked alone as an herbal alternative, or to be used as an addition. Herbal smoking blends provide medical properties and can even be used to help quit smoking.

    Repeat this mantra as you use

    - I allow play and abundance into my life - 

    - I observe the word through a

     lens of love and euphoria -