Ingredients- Blue Lotus, Damiana, Pink Lotus, Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Alcohol





This beautiful blue flower was once highly revered by the ancient Egyptians. 

Blue Lotus and Pink Lotus were used as a sacred herbal treasure in ancient Egypt. Used in ceremonies and daily rituals to induce states of relaxation and euphoria, rites of passage initiations, as well as special celebrations. Blue Lotus gives the feeling of heightened awareness, while feeling calm and at ease, one may even feel more intune with themselves.  Blue Lotus is also highly known as a dream herb.. Having psychoactive properties blue Lotus allows one to open up to their consciousness and intuition. This herb is a guide through lucid dreams and heightened states of awareness. Many people have noted that Blue Lotus has a connection with being a third eye pineal gland activation plant.



Damiana has a direct effect on the nervous system making this flower able to strengthen one's nerves and brain, known to be stimulating and used for depression anxiety, and tension. Damiana is a flower used for lifting moods, creating a happy and grateful head space, helps with low self-esteem, and encourages a feeling of well-being. Through a sense of well being, happiness and a calmed awareness Damiana allows for new ideas, connection and confidence to enter one's daily life. 

Damiana is also known as an aphrodisiac and a reproductive system tonic. Damiana tends to maintain the general health of reproductive organs and helps balance hormone levels. As an aphrodisiac, one may feel more embodied, connected to their sexual organs, and to their mascline and femine. Aphrodisiacs are a beautiful medicine that connects one to their life force energy. Increasing desire, expression, and connection. This sexual energy can be used with another or we can use this energy to inspire and create. 


Euphoria// Blue Lotus Damiana Euphoric Elixir

  • Euphoria 

    An elixir of embodiment, and sesuality. A dose of “Euphoria” allows one to explore what confidence means to them, how one can feel free, embodied and tap into self love sesuality. These herbs are known as aphrodisiacs, mood boosters, and euphoric herbs. 

    Tap into the euphoric states of life.. 

    - 1 Fluid Ounce 

    - 2-4 years shelf life

    - Contains Alcohol

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