Ingredients- Grain Alcohol, Vegtable Gylcerite, Cramp Bark, Shatavari, Motherwort, Rose Hip



Hence the name.. Cramp bark has been studied to be a pain reliever due to its antispasmodic action. Used most commonly as an herb for the reproductive system, Musculo-skeletal and Nervous system. Cramp bark is a uterine sedative and tonic, known for relieving pains and cramps, a neuromuscular relaxant for voluntary and involuntary muscular pain. Cramp bark can be used for anxiety, stress, tension, digestive stress, soothing menstrual cramps and for calming uterine tension, relaxing muscles and restoring blood flow. 



Shatavari is a longevity herb, increasing our vital life force over time as we take this herb. Shatavari repairs and strengthens various body systems such as the brain and body's tissues. In Ayurveda, shatavari is considered a building and strengthening medicine, with nourishing and purifying actions that is very helpful as a sexual and reproductive tonic. Shatavari is suggested to be used throughout the many phases of womanhood. As an adaptogen Shatavari increases the ability to help the body cope with physical and emotional stress, stabilize a woman’s body, healing the reproductive organs and being a hormonal balancer.


MOTHERWORT-  Motherwort is a strong effective herb tonic for menstrual, hormonal and mood. The name Motherwort means mother’s herb for the heart.  Commonly used for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), motherwort’s antispasmodic action eases cramps while its nervine action calms irritability and its hormonal balancing eases sore breasts. 

As motherwort is calcium and antioxidant-rich it nourishes the body through the loss of blood calcium. As a heart tonic, Motherwort relaxes heart muscle,  eases tension and anxiety that occurs in one's heart. The relaxing nervine action is helpful when one feels overwhelmed, stressed, frazzled, emotional, and anxious  Motherwort calms and uplifts the nervous system, elevating the mood and bringing joy. As herbalist Maud Grieves states, there is “no better herb for strengthening and gladdening the heart”, 



Rose is such a treasured medicine and adorned by many. Rose hips are highly nutritive  loaded with Vitamin C, have Vitamins A and E, B-Complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Nutrients help increase vitality in one's life which is especially helpful during one's menstrual cycle. Rose Hips are soothing to the heart and emotions, this is helpful emotionally and energetically and has been known to be a herbal guide. Rose has the power to assist in healing from past griefs that have manifested in the heart space. 


Womb Wellness

  • Womb Wellness was created to be used for throughout a menstrual cycle. During this time the body is going through many changes. 

    Womb Wellness was formulated with herbs to nourish the reproductive system. “Womb Wellness” provides restorative vitality, balancing of hormones, eases cramping aches and pains, calms nerves and relaxes the body both mentally and physically.  

    During this time why is our body reacting in ways of pain, stress, and other issues. Any issue that is noticed is a sign from your body.. Listen to the signs and messages your body is comunituing to you. We all experience different menstrual cycles, but as a whole we need to learn to take extra care of our sleeves during this time 

    - 1 Fluid Ounce 

    - 2-4 years shelf life 

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